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My Official Music Video 'Because of You'

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Queen Chioma

About me:


- Are you looking for inspiration, entertainment and motivation?

- Are you keen to achieve all of your dreams, goals and aspirations?

- Are you multi-talented and highly creative?

- Are you determined to move to the next level of success?

If you answered yes to at least one of the above then you have come to the right website as I am here for you!


Hello festive friend, my name is Queen Chioma, I am a TV appearing Motivational Speaker, Success Coach and a Singer. I have had over 150 TV appearances, some of which include ITV, Ben TV, Living TV, Latin TV, RSTV (nigeria), MTV and Faith TV. I have appeared in many magazines and newspapers which include OK, Natural Sparkle, The Voice Newspaper, The Islington Gazette to name a few.


I have won many crowns, awards and titled which include Miss Charity UK 2011/12, Miss Charity Europe 2011/12, Miss Stardust Boutique 2011/13 and Most Inspirational Beauty Queen of 2012.

In 2012 I set up my own pageant UK's Dazzling Beauty Ltd, which has transformed the lives of young girls, helped them to achieve their goals, dreams and aspirations of breaking into the media, modelling world and performing arts industry in a big way. Click here to apply for the competition. We have had a host of amazing judges at our events which includes Juanita Ingram Ms World International, Stephen Canning Councillor of Brain Tree Essex and Lord Brett McClean of Hastings (Sussex) to name a few.


You can watch me on Lizzy Show every Tuesdays 6-7pm on Sky 182, Ben TV. I often host this show or appear on the show as a guest giving strategies for success and motivation. This show covers a variety of topics which includes family life, education, success, self-development, relationships, we also show the events that we organise i.e. seminars, gala nights and meetings in the UK and abroad.


As a Motivational Speaker, I speak at conferences, colleges, schools, seminars and events giving presentations on how youths can achieve their dreams, goals and aspirations in Education and in life. Click here to read my full biography

Queen Chioma

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Queen Chioma in the Media

Queen Chioma in the Media


Singer, Motivational Speaker, Success Coach

Singer, Motivational Speaker, Success Coach

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